The Waltz Radius Ruler

The Waltz Radius Ruler


The Waltz Radius Ruler is a ruler or tool developed by Stanley J. Waltz Jr. and can actually change the way we measure circle or round objects.

We are not asking or telling you not to learn the formula mathematically, were just making it a whole lot simpler.

This tool/ruler can be used to get the radius of a curve or an arch without using a formula, a formula that still allows for a margin of error.

What’s so great about the Waltz Radius Ruler?

You will not have to have a background in mathematics; you just pull it out of your pocket or toolbox, and measure the radius in seconds.

If we get this in the Common Core Standards,

it will have a significant impact on the future and employees will become more efficient therefore they will save time and money.

We have made the Waltz Radius Ruler Free to all teachers and students by putting it on Facebook or simply login to our website for complete instructions.

Copy, Paste, Print and build your own for free!

If you wish to purchase a plastic Waltz Radius Ruler please feel free to order one from our website.

The Waltz Radius Ruler will become available for purchase in May 2016.

How to build your own radius ruler

This site is all about learning so here is what we’re going to do

We going to give you a step by step method to best build your homemade Waltz Radius Ruler.

And yes, it’s that easy. Together lets follow these 8 simple steps

1- Please open this file and print out the radius ruler and follow directions.

Link to download the pdf >>

2- Cut the Image

3- Laminate with boxing tape (because it's a lot cheaper) do this on both sides.

4- Cut excess tape on edges and cut out window to read the measurement.

5- Now fold the body in exact halves,

6- Cut and fold the flap down, and using scotch tape to tape the flap down.

7- Now fold the tape over the other two areas (middle and end) on the top.

8- After you tape down the top, take the wedge and make sure it slide easily threw the body so you can read the measurement threw the window.

You are now ready to use your Radius Ruler!

How to Use in 3 easy steps

1- Place the fixed V to the round object or curve.

2- Slide the wedge a few times to get the feel of it and when the wedge touches the object or curve

3- You can read the radius with the arrow in the window.